Chapter 1
Elements of the KISSsoft user interface

KISSsoft has been developed for Windows. Regular Windows users will recognise common elements of the interface such as Menus, docking windows, dialog boxes, Tool tips, and status bars. As the development has heeded internationally recognised style guide lines the windows user will quickly become familiar with the operation of KISSsoft.

 1.1 Menus, Context Menus and Toolbar
 1.2 Dock Window
  1.2.1 The Module Tree
  1.2.2 The Project Tree
  1.2.3 The Explorer
  1.2.4 The Results Windows
  1.2.5 The Message Window
  1.2.6 The Information Window
  1.2.7 Contents and Index
  1.2.8 Graphics Windows
 1.3 Input Window
  1.3.1 Value Input Field
  1.3.2 Tables
  1.3.3 Toggle Units
  1.3.4 Enter formulae and angles
 1.4 Report Viewer
 1.5 Help Viewer
 1.6 Tool Tips and Status bar