2.4 Definition of own Standard Files

If the same or similar calculations are often carried out, the same values must be given in or selected. KISSsoft makes this easier to achieve by means of default files. For each calculation module there exits an internal default set of data. A default file can be stored in which the data can be pre-defined and appears on opening of the associated module or loading of a new file.

To define a default file simply open a calculation module and give in the required data. The Action File Save as standard will store these values in the default files.

Default files can be defined for single modules or for entire projects (see 3.5). If an active project is selected on saving, the default values from this project only will be saved. If there is no current project, the default values are applied generally. On loading a new file, a default file will first be sought in the active project. If it is not available, the general default file, internal preset settings for example, will be used.