2.5 Start Parameter

The call of KISSsoft from the prompt can be done using the following start parameters:




The initialisation file KISS.INI is loaded from specified location. A file name (including directory) can be given.


The given calculation module is started. The module identification is, for example, M040 for the bolt calculation or Z012 for the spur/helical calculation.


The given calculation file will be loaded and the associated calculation module started. If a name is given without a path, the file will be loaded from a pre-defined directory location.


KISSsoft starts with given language for user interfaces and reports. (0: German, 1: English, 2: French, 3: Italian, 4: Spanish, 11: English with imperial units)


A file with debug information will be written which can be helpful in the identification of errors. It is recommended to give the file name complete with path in order to easily locate the log file.


The calculation module relating to the file is started and the file loaded. A link from KISSsoft with the corresponding file ending in Windows is also possible (Start of KISSsoft by double-clicking on a calculation file).