1.2 Dock Window

As well as the menu bar, tool bar and status bar, the dock windows are important elements of the KISSsoft user interface. Dock windows are windows that are displayed either free-floating or arranged to the sides of the application. Dock windows can be arranged one over the other; a tab bar will be added in this case.

A dock window can be released by a double click on the title bar at the top. A window can be shifted by clicking and holding the mouse button while over the title bar and then moving the mouse. If the windows is close to the main window, the new position for the window will be indicated. Release the mouse button in order to set the window down in this position. The customised arrangement of the windows will be saved in the Registry (see 7.2). Dock windows can be hidden or shown using the menu View (see 1.1).

1.2.1 The Module Tree

All of the KISSsoft calculation modules are logically listed in the Module Tree. Calculation modules for which there is no current licence are greyed out. A calculation module can be opened by a double click of the left mouse button. The active calculation module is shown in bold print.


Figure 1.1: Calculation modules of KISSsoft

1.2.2 The Project Tree

The Project Tree gives a overview of opened projects and the files contained within, and also shows the active working project in bold print. The operation of the project management (see 3) is carried out from the main menu under Project as well as from a context menu (see 1.1).

1.2.3 The Explorer

The directory structure of the Explorer corresponds to the structure in the Windows-Explorer and offers the same functionality. The Explorer will be available from Release 02-2007.

1.2.4 The Results Windows

The KISSsoft Results Window shows the results of the latest calculation.


Figure 1.2: The KISSsoft results window

1.2.5 The Message Window

The Message Window information, warnings and errors occured during the latest calculation (see 4.2). A yellow exclamation mark in the Tab Message signals that messages exist that have not yet been read. Normally all messages will be shown in the Message Window and also in a message box. The display of information and warnings in a message box can be changed using Extras Settings (see 7).

1.2.6 The Information Window

The Information Window shows information opened by the user via an Info-Button of the calculation module (see 1.3.1). Using a context menu (see 1.1) the information can be zoomed and printed.

1.2.7 Contents and Index

Contents and index of the manual are also available as dock window. If a list entry is selected using a double click, the Help Viewer (see 1.5) is opened and the required chapter is show.

1.2.8 Graphics Windows

Any number of graphics windows can be opened simultaneously in KISSsoft which can also be docked to the sides of the software. In this way all of the relevant graphics and diagrams for the calculation are in view at all times. Graphics windows have their own toolbar which can be used to save, print, or zoom the current graphic. Using the Action Lock in the toolbar, the current data in the window is frozen. The window is then prevented from updating by subsequent calculations. The lock capability enables the retention of results and therefore a direct comparison with the current settings of the calculation.