5.2 Calculation report

The Action Report Generate is used to write a report for the calculation. In addition, the toolbar and function keys F6 provide quick and convenient access to this Action.

A module can have one or more reports. The report relevant to the currently selecvted tab will be generated.

As a rule, a report should only be generated if the calculation is consistent (see 4.3). If this is not the case the report will be written with the current status strongly indicated. This can be useful if it is only required to print a data set.

In generating a report, a RTF-File is produced with the designation of the module as a file name. The file will be stored in tmp-Directory, which is defined in the KISS.ini-File in section [SETUP] row TMPDIR (see 7.1).

The report will be shown in the KISSsoft report viewer as standard (see 1.4). From Release 02-2007 other editors, e.g. Windows Word, can also be selected. The report viewer can also be used to change, save, and print the report.

Important: If the user returns to the input window from the report viewer then the report is lost. In order to have the report for a longer period this must be saved with a user defined name!