12.13 Basic rack addendum/Tool dedendum

The gear addendum is created by the tool dedendum for a topping tool. Since topping tools which are also cutting the tip diameter are usual only for very small gears the dedendum of the tool is often bigger than the addendum of the basic rack haP *. So the basic rack addendum h aP * is defining the outside diameter of the gear. The outside diameter of the gear is

da = (z∕cos ψ + 2 ⋅ x + 2 ⋅ haP)∕Pnd

Alternatively, the input values for the basic rack addendum can be calculated from the outside diameters by pressing the convert button PIC beside the field.


Figure 12.7: AGMA 2001/2101 - Basic rack addendum

The sizing button PIC will set the values of the basic rack addendum to the values needed for constant tip clearance (see 11.1.2).