12.22 Dynamic factor

The dynamic factor Kv accounts for internally generated gear tooth loads which are induced by non-uniform meshing action (transmission error) of gear teeth. If the actual dynamic tooth loads are known from a comprehensive dynamic analysis, or are determined experimentally, the dynamic factor may be calculated from:

Kv =  (Wd + Wt )∕Wt

where Wt = Nominal transmitted tangential load and
Wd = Incremental dynamic tooth load due to the dynamic response of the gear pair to the transmission error excitation, not including the transmitted tangential loads.

If the factor is calculated according AGMA, the Transmission Accuracy Grade Aν is used. Aν is calculated following formula (21) in AGMA2001, page 15. Therefore Anu is not always identical but close to the gear quality.

CAUTION: This factor has been redefined as the reciprocal of that used in previous AGMA standards. It is now greater than 1.0. In earlier AGMA standards it was less than 1.0.