12.26 Material


Figure 12.10: AGMA 2001/2101 - Material

The material of the gears can be selected from the material database. The strength is dependend of material type, treatment and quality.

12.26.1 Material treatment

There are different possibilities for heat treatment: through hardened, nitrided, induction hardened and case hardened materials:

12.26.2 Material quality

Material quality strongly influences pitting resistance and bending strength. For high quality material, the following metallurgical variables must be carefully controlled:

There are three basic grades of material:

12.26.3 Own input of material data

Using the plus button PIC next to the material list the material values can be entered directly by the user. You have to be careful choosing the values since they are not checked by the software. Important for the calculation are the allowable stress numbers sac{σHlim} and sat{σFlim}. The youngs module is needed for the hertzian stress and the yield point for the static strength. The hardness value is only used for documentation.