13.2 Define a lifetime calculation


Figure 13.1: Gearcalc - Lifetime calculation

13.2.1 Create a load spectrum element

On this screen is a table containing at least one row. Each row element is used to define the individual characteristics for a proportion of running time at a specified load. A collection of more than one elements for multiple operating levels represents a load spectrum. Each element entry contains six characteristics;

Time Ratio
Power Factor
Speed Factor

Three buttons at the bottom right of the table control the construction of the elements in the load spectrum. The [+] button adds another row element to the table. The [-] button will delete the any row currently selected in the table. The [x] button will clear the table of all but one row entry.

13.2.2 Sum of time ratio

This represents the total operating time (as a percentage) defined by the sum of the ratios in the first column of the table. The time ratio column is summed and multiplied by 100.

13.2.3 Save spectrum

An table which has been defined can be stored for future use or in association with other designs. On pressing the button indicated under the table a directory window opens to allow the user to specify the file name and directory required for storage.

13.2.4 Reload spectrum

An existing table containing a saved load spectrum can be reloaded using the button indicated. A directory window opens to allow the user to select the file required.